Kanebo KATE

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An eyebrow pencil with a superfine 1.5mm core to draw fine lines to the outer end of the eyebrows. ..
Kanebo KATE
Natural cheek color in 2 shades 2 shades of cheek color with a rounded brush for a soft chiseled fin..
£12.00 £6.99
KATE Designing Eyebrow N Palette consists 3 COLORS, from DARK to LIGHTBrown, that allows you to enha..
Kanebo KATE
Easy to change to natural colored eyebrows with a brush An eyebrow mascara to change your eyebrow..
£11.50 £6.99
A BB gel cream that functions as an emulsion, essence, cream, sunscreen, and foundation to create a ..
Gentle on the skin and reliable coverage. Advanced MINERAL LOOSE FOUNDATIONø1 Achieves a lighter fee..
£16.00 £13.99
Turns into powder in 15 seconds A liquid foundation not requiring a face powder Smoothness and exc..
Kanebo KATE
A liquid liner for beautiful lines with a soft touch application. A fine eyeliner brush that draws ..
An advanced version of the brush pen eyeliner  that produces super fine lines that are easy ..
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