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Yakushido Son Bahyu Cream (70ml)

Yakushido Son Bahyu Cream (70ml)

Brand: Yakushido
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Horse oil has been used as a folk medicine for burns, cuts and insect bites over centuries. The Japanese manufacturer, Yakushido, has started their in-depth research and manufacture of horse oil since 1952. 

In 1985, the Health Ministry of Japan has named horse oil as “the protector for healthy skin” in Japan. 

The magic of horse oil mainly comes from the nature of its ingredients. According to research and analysis that the sebum between human and horse are very similar, therefore, 

horse oil can penetrates quickly into the skin and will keep the skin moist and nourish at all time. Horse oil are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, linoleic acid and linolenic acid 

which is also known as vitamin F. Horse oil can supply the skin with nutrition, regulate the physiological function of the skin, maintain the skin natural healing function, promote blood circulation and metabolism of the skin. 

Daily use of “Son Bahyu” will keep your skin soften and youthful. “Son Bahyu” is 100% purified horse oil that has no adverse effects on human skin. It can be used as superior moisturizing oil for your face and whole body.


 - Hydrates your skin to keep it soft and youthful. - Highly permeable to human’s skin, easily penetrates through your skin leaving no greasy feeling. 
 - Prevent sun spots on skin - Can be used to treat stubborn wound, skin rashes, burns, cuts, insect bites and scalded skin.
 - Use a Q-tip to put a small amount inside your nose to prevent hay fever and allergy - All natural, contains no preservatives, ideal for elderly and infant care.
 - High moisturizing capacity helps your skin maintain moisture and nourish and improve blood circulation and metabolism.

To use: For Face & Body: 

Wash your face thoroughly, use a towel to softly soak up extra moisture and leave a little moisture on your face. Simply put a drop onto your fingertip and massage onto your face. You can apply to your neck and body as well.
 For Hair & Scalp: Massage Son Bahyu onto your hair and scalp 20 minutes before washing your hair. For best result, let "Son Bahyu" fully absorbed into your scalp before washing. Avoid contact with eyes.

Beauty Awards: 

Japan Cosme Offical Mook -"The Best Cosmetics Awards" 2005, 2006 & 2007 ranked No. 1 and 2008 & 2009 ranked No. 2 in "Best oil & cream category". 
Voted and chosen by 1.2 million people in Japan.

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