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Canmake Coloring Eyebrow

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Change your eyebrow color instantly. Waterproof eyebrow mascara.

Waterproof type

This mascara-type eyebrow color quickly and easily brightens up your entire look, allowing you to sport a different eyebrow color every day, so you can coordinate it with your hair, make-up and outfit. Goes on smoothly, without feeling at all sticky or rough. The short inverted triangular brush makes it simpler to apply, ensuring that your brows are evenly coated and allowing you easily to adjust any imperfections in their thickness or texture. Waterproof.

It is important to take care to wipe the brush with a tissue before using it, as this will prevent the product getting onto your skin. Brushing outwards from the part of the eyebrow closest to your nose will ensure that your brows are evenly coated. Please take care not to use too much, as this will cause the eyebrow color to clump.

color image
[01] yellow brown?
Goes well with your bright, blondish hair, for a sophisticated look
color image
[03]natural brown?
An easy-to-use color, for your natural-color hair
color image
[04] bronze brown?
Goes well with your bright, reddish-brown eyebrows, for a glamorous look
color image
[05] Honey Gold?
For bright hair color in shades close to gold. Emphasizes your eye make-up, for eyes with impact. Can also be used to decrease the volume of your eyebrows.







[01/03/04] water , ( acrylates / ethylhexyl acrylate ) copolymer , carnauba wax , paraffin , stearic acid , iron oxide , sorbitan sesquioleate , hydrogenated polyisobutene , talc , BG, mica , TEA, 1,2 - hexanediol , bentonite , titanium oxide , methyl paraben , propyl paraben
[05 ] Water , ( acrylates / ethylhexyl acrylate ) copolymer , carnauba wax , paraffin , stearic acid , mica , sorbitan sesquioleate , hydrogenated polyisobutene , iron oxide , BG, titanium oxide , talc , 1,2 - hexanediol , bentonite , TEA, methyl paraben , propyl paraben , chromium oxide