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KOJI Shadow on Eye Tape

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Specialist tape for eyelid folds. 
Simply apply to eyelids for natural eyelid folds in seconds.
A beige-coloured tape that blends seamlessly into the skin, and works well with eye shadows.
A slim type just 3mm in width and wide type 4mm in width, that‘s perfect for those with thin eyelids. 

So simple to apply 
Once the tape is applied to the eyelid, the eyelid skin will stretch over the tape, creating an eyelid fold. No drying, waiting or fiddly adjustments required. 

Convenient double tags 
Tags on each end make it easy to pick up the tape without touching the adhesive.

Inconspicuous beige colour

A beige-coloured tape that won‘t stand out on the skin 

Great with eye shadow 

The surface of the tape is covered in tiny holes, meaning that eye shadows and other powdered make-up will sit easily over the tape. 
Make-up can be applied as normal over the tape. 

With convenient pusher
Use the pusher to define the eyelid fold and make adjustments 

Gentle on the skin 
Uses medically hygienic tape that‘s strongly adhesive while being very gentle on the skin 


30 set