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Contains Marine-derived Collagen, could be easily absorbed by skin, restores firmness of skin and leaves the skin resilient. Nourishes, tightens and whitens the skin simultaneously, leaves the skin lucent and shinny. The mask is soft and comfortable, perfectly fits the face shape and covers eye zone.

Coenzyme Q10
Hydrating coenzyme Q10 essence, white lily extract, and glycerine. Helps skin become moisturized and maintain elasticity. This product is midly acidic, so very sensitive skin may be affected.

Tranexamic Acid
It inhibits the formation of melanin, preventing freckles and dark spots. It makes skin glows with clarity. It nourishes and keeps the moisture for long.

Plenty of moisturizer filled into horny cell layer of yoru skin and make clear, plump and bright skin like after taking bath. It also care your wrincles and dry skin.


How to use
After cleansing, apply the mask on face for 10 minutes.