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Rohto Z! Eyedrops

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Strong cool sensation spreads through the eyes and pleasant feel lasts long. The formula with balanced ingredient mix is effective against various symptoms including eyestrain.

Eyestrain, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming or due to dust or sweat), eye inflammation (e.g., snow blindness) due to ultraviolet light and other light rays, discomfort while wearing hard contact lenses, conjunctival congestion, eye itching, blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), blurred vision (in case of excessive eye mucus)

Instill 2 to 3 drops 5 to 6 times daily.




Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05% 
0.003% Neosuchi gummy emissions methyl sulfate 
0.05% zinc sulfate hydrate 
0.03% chlorpheniramine maleate 
Vitamin B6 0.1% 
L-aspartic acid 1% potassium 
Additives: boric acid, borax, l-menthol, d-camphor, peppermint oil, edetate Na, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, hypromellose, chlorobutanol, pH adjusting agent?